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LADUINOCONTROL (by Pksofttech)
Laduino Control build for Arduino UNO as TEST Vertion
Information http://laduinocontrol.16mb.com

link: https://mega.nz/#!HQogSboS!ksTncAA9__6IjP9iZOVwUUtEUORujf88BK6n3OtWVzU

Program user Dot Net 3.5
Tue Sep 15 2015, 09:06:06
Great software (by Mladen)
No one tryed yet ?

I did, and it's great start.
Not many functions as ldmicro, but it is great.

Please, continue !
Fri Oct 9 2015, 04:45:46
Great (by aydin)
The program to be nice, keep waiting,
rising - falling edge, analog input Etc.
Sat Nov 7 2015, 04:05:03
LADUINOCONTROL Rebuild (by Pksofttech)
LADUINOCONTROL Control rebuild !!!
For Test

link https://mega.nz/#!LEZClRDb
Wed Feb 24 2016, 09:30:11
relink (by Pksofttech)
link https://mega.nz/#!LEZClRDb!wHGlsiKI8uwRMIxgkvggZVveOAZVUuIw6wZ_a0BdidA
Wed Feb 24 2016, 09:33:00
Help (by Georges karam)
I can not compile the ladder file to hex or uploadit to hardware help plz
Sat Feb 27 2016, 01:39:12
I can not compile the ladder file to hex or uploadit to hardware help plz (by Pksofttech)
Sat Feb 27 2016, 04:34:49
(no subject) (by Alex)
hello, do you still working on laduino control?
Mon Mar 21 2016, 14:41:35
continue ! (by Pksofttech)
To Alex
Yes! continue !
Wed Mar 23 2016, 22:07:53
excellent (by Alex)
yeahh, i can┤t wait to use your laduino control :)
Thu Mar 24 2016, 17:11:05
The laduino control diesel not work (by Erick Cascante)
Someone can help me, the laduino does not work, open gives me the first screen and hangs, I ran on another machine with win 8 and I had no problem. It turns out that I can not update the machines because they are from work. I have reinstall the framework and anything, dll need to install ???
Fri Mar 3 2017, 18:10:43
The laduino control diesel nota work (by Erick Cascante)
I am ran un Windows 7, dont working ...
Fri Mar 3 2017, 18:15:21
Examples and Documentation (by Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez)
Dear Friend.

My name is Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez, I am a Secondary School teacher and I use the Arduino UNO platform and also Arduino Mega. I have localized your software and it seems fantastic. I would like to have some user manual and more examples.

Where can I download the latest software version?

If it is of your interest I am willing to carry out the translation of the software into Spanish and if you have any manual in English you could also translate it.


JosÚ Manuel Ruiz

IES Fco. Garcia Pavon
13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
Wed Mar 15 2017, 08:33:42
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
Dear JosÚ Manuel.
Can you translate to spanish LDmicro manual.txt and lang.txt?
I integrate it into LDmicro.

lang.txt is a pair of string, first is English and second should be Spanish, like you see bellow.

"&Acerca de..."



"&Delete Selected Element\tDel"
"&Borrar Elemento Seleccionado\tSupr"

Saludos, Ihor Nehrutsa. [email protected]
Thu Mar 16 2017, 04:03:12, download attachment lang-es.zip
(no subject) (by Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez)
Dear Ihor Nehrutsa.

Thank you

Do the translation of both files and when you have it sent.


JosÚ Manuel Ruiz

IES Fco. Garcia Pavon
13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
Sun Mar 26 2017, 10:40:40
Spanish Translation (by Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez)
Dear Ihor Nehrutsa.

I have finished translating the file lang_es_diffs.txt and I send it to you.

Now I start translating the manual.txt file when I have it.

Is this all you need to translate?

Then I would like to make a manual with practical exercises to help those who need it.

Is it freely distributed?


Jose Manuel
Tue Apr 4 2017, 11:30:44, download attachment lang_es_diffs.txt
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
to Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez
I attach LDmicro-es.exe for testing. Next LDmicro releases also will with your translation additions.

You take the manual.txt file from lang-es.zip and translate it to the manual-es.txt file. Please add your contacts in the end of manual-es.txt.
Also you can add explanations to the original manual.txt in English.

This program distributed under the terms of the GPL Version 3.

Also you can translate the following pages:
To add these 3 pages your translations please contact to Jonathan Westhues. Email: user jwesthues, at host cq.cx
Wed Apr 5 2017, 03:38:03, download attachment ldmicro-es.zip
(no subject) (by Alex)
buen trabajo Se˝or Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez
Wed Apr 5 2017, 07:41:12
ATmega328 Pro Mini (by Wojtek)
This application working with pro mini or i must need a UNO?
Fri Apr 7 2017, 10:46:51
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
to Wojtek
At page
we can see board specs, but unfortunately not mentioned MCU packages.

You can use "Arduino Uno" board by select "Atmel AVR ATmega328 28-PDIP" in LDmicro->Menu->Settings->Microcontroller.

You can use "Mega 2560" or "Mega ADK" boards by select "Atmel AVR ATmega2560 100-TQFP" in LDmicro->Menu->Settings->Microcontroller.

You can Use LDmicro and Arduino board without an Arduino software

HOW TO: Integrate LDmicro and Arduino software

Also yuo can buy support
"Atmel AVR ATmega328 32-Pin packages" ($20)
"Atmel AVR ATmega32U4 44-Pin packages ($20)"
and will work with
"Arduino Pro"
"Arduino Nano"
"Arduino Mini" etc.
"Arduino Leonardo"
"Arduino Micro"
"Arduino Esplora"
"Arduino Robot"
"Arduino Y¨n" etc.

"Atmel AVR ATmega328 32-Pin packages" + "Atmel AVR ATmega32U4 44-Pin packages" will cost ($30)

Please contact to [email protected]
Fri Apr 7 2017, 12:13:07, download attachment LDmiro-Arduino.zip
laduinocontrol. (by Wojtek)
I know but i spoke about a laduinocontrol.
Fri Apr 7 2017, 12:58:41
Help file translation to spanish (by Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez)
Dear Ihor Nehrutsa.

I have finished translating the file manual_es.txt and I send it to you.
Fri Apr 14 2017, 11:31:32, download attachment manual_es.txt
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
manual_es.txt will included to v4.2.0
Fri Apr 14 2017, 12:38:50
Bluetooth Module code (by swarup kurve)
i am swarup kurve , sir i write a program led ON and OFF in laduino ,and upload arduino. so how can interface arduino to bluetooth module hc-05 and bluetooth apps.
Thu Oct 5 2017, 08:35:09
Translate to Arabic (by Ahmad sakr)
Dear Ihor Nehrutsa
Could you please make Arabic translation as Spanish.
I can translate to Arabic like Jose Manuel Ruiz Gutierrez
This will be great help to Arab engineers and developers.
Best regards
Fri Dec 22 2017, 12:54:45
Translate to Arabic (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
Sat Dec 23 2017, 03:27:18
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