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LDmicro Forum - Automatic storage door (open and close with sensor) in LDmicro

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Automatic storage door (open and close with sensor) in LDmicro (by Sara)
Hello, can anyone help me make this photo from Ladder Diagram into LDmicro and send me back in ld format?
Sun Apr 5 2020, 16:36:12, download attachment g6evh1m.png
(abrir y cerrar con sensor (by Paulino)
I attach your PLC program to LDMicro.
You have to know that the motor does not work for time (it can happen to you that if the limit switch fails, the motor will never stop and the motor winding can burn. I made it so you can see the assembly of the PLC to LDMicro. ( Keep in mind as you save that each PLC programmer has several ways to do the step.

Adjunto tu programa de PLCs a LDMicro.
tienes que saber que el motor no trabaja por tiempo (que te puede suceder que si el final de carrera se avería nunca parara el motor y se puede quemar el bobinado del motor. yo telo hice para que veas el montaje de PLC a LDMicro. (ten encuenta como tu saves que cada programador de PLCs tenemos varias formas de hacer el escalonado.
Tue Apr 7 2020, 12:22:21, download attachment puerta automatica.ld
(no subject) (by Paulino)
I pass this finished software to you and working perfectly
This is a complete LDMicro program with limit switch, stop, pressure, sensor, courtesy light relay, customer set working times, automatic, manual, customer adjustable man present.

te paso este software terminado y funcionando perfectamente
este es un programa LDMicro, completo, con final de carreras, stop, presión, sensor, rele luz cortesía, tiempos de trabajo ajustados por el cliente,automática, manual, hombre presente ajustable por el cliente.
Tue Apr 7 2020, 12:36:29, download attachment puerta trasera con pic 16f887 22.ld
(no subject) (by Sara)
Thank you a lot!
Wed Apr 8 2020, 10:42:27
(no subject) (by Maria Raykova)
can you send me a description and study of this development
Tue Nov 15 2022, 06:35:33, download attachment garage_door.ld
(no subject) (by MGP)
I don't quite understand your programming style.

There is a STOP button missing..?

All safety contacts such as door contacts and STOP must be NC (normally closed) in case the cables are broken.
Never use SR (set reset) for motor relays.

Here's an example program like I would do it, except I don't know what the XKEY does and what the timers do.
You can add them yourself.
Tue Nov 15 2022, 12:58:33, download attachment garage_door_V2.ld
(no subject) (by Paulino (Calubert))
Please look and try to understand Back door with photo 16f887, with this sotf you can do whatever comes to your mind, how to learn to make more soft programs.

Por favor mirar y intentar entender Puerta trasera con foto 16f887, con este sotf pueden hacer loque te venga en mente, como aprender ha hacer programas mas softificados.
Thu Nov 17 2022, 06:18:31
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