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LDmicro Forum - IR remote control HX1838 Infrared

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IR remote control HX1838 Infrared (by Antonio)
Hello, how could I do a program with ldmicro to make it work.
IR remote control HX1838 Infrared
CH-: 0xBA45FF00 /3125149440
CH: 0xB946FF00/3108437760
CH+: 0xB847FF00/3091726080
Rev< : 0xBB44FF00/3141861120
Play: 0xBC43FF00/3158572800
Eq: 0xF609FF00/4127850240
0: 0xE916FF00/3910598400
100+: 0xE619FF00/3860463360
200+: 0xF20DFF00/4061003520
1: 0xF30CFF00/4077715200
2: 0xE718FF00/3877175040
3: 0xA15EFF00/2707357440
4: 0xF708FF00/4144561920
5: 0xE31CFF00/3810328320
6: 0xA55AFF00/2774204160
7: 0xBD42FF00/3175284480
8: 0xAD52FF00/2907897600
9: 0xB54AFF00/3041591040

Thu Apr 20 2017, 13:44:08, download attachment Sin título 1.jpg
comment (by hasan farhat)
Dear All

i like to know more for this project ,how to make the programming and played with proteus.

so many thanks for all

best regards,

hasan farhat
Thu Nov 11 2021, 13:55:28
(no subject) (by José)
It will probably be very difficult or impossible to handle an IR remote with ldmicro because IR protocols are generaly very time-dependent.
It's not compatible with ldmicro fixed cycle time.

In my opinion...
Sun Nov 14 2021, 15:47:52
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