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LDmicro Forum - Add pic18f2550

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Add pic18f2550 (by MARTY)
GOOD wishes for every one,
my wish is that how can i add pic18f2550 and other pic18 micro controller plz tell the proses step by step.
Fri Aug 29 2014, 17:38:01
Add pic18f2550 to ld micro (by Francesco)
Hello can i program my pic18f2550 with ld micro? thank
Mon May 23 2022, 08:43:39
Add pic18f2550 to ld micro (by HavenTech)


If you go to either of the links below, you will get info about of version of LDMicro that allows you to make the necessary adjustments to support new devices.


The PIC18F4550 is however supported.

All the best!
Mon May 23 2022, 18:57:22
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