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LDmicro Forum - 32.768 KHz xtal

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32.768 KHz xtal (by Mauro )
Dear friends:

I would like to know if Ldmicro accepts a 32.76KHz xtal as oscillator. In this case, how must I proceed?

Other question I would like to post: When I create a new project in Ldmicro, the pl file isn't generated. it impossibilits simulate the circuit. I tried ti reinstall it, or install an older version , but nothing worked. What can I do?

Thank you and best reggards.
Fri May 19 2023, 21:09:31
(no subject) (by MGP)
Your question is way too vague.

Which controller? why such a low crystal frequency and is it a crystal or internal oscillator....?

Why you don't have a .pl file I can't say, it is automatically generated by LDmicro.

Also post your LD file.
Sat May 20 2023, 02:24:21
(no subject) (by Mauro )
Dear friend:

I'm using a PIC16F628 controller. I get to configurate the 32.768KHz xtal increasing the cycle time to 100ms. Sometimes ago I bought some electronic waste, and some Xtal with this frequency come. I'm implementig a heating system timer for my stingless bees.

Pertinent to the pl file, the LDmicro don't generate it since the last WINDOWS update, and I'm trying to solve it.
Sun May 21 2023, 10:09:51
(no subject) (by MGP)
Config word must be 3F60 = LP oscillator, and 2 capacitors of 68pF.
Mon May 22 2023, 03:50:57
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