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LDmicro Forum - PIC16f874a programing - question for PIC afficionados

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PIC16f874a programing - question for PIC afficionados (by Ziggy)
I have been asked to reverse engineer an old product based on PIC16F874A micro.
I know nothing about the chip and am hoping for some quick and dirty advice.

QUESTION I imagine the micro has some anti tamper fuses.
What software/hardware do I need to check whether the fuses have been set?
Tue May 9 2023, 19:21:54
(no subject) (by MGP)
A Pickit2 or 3 (or other programmer) can tell you how the pic is configured, if the code protection is enabled then you can't do anything with it.

If you can download the code then you will have to find a disassembler...knowing assembler..etc...a very difficult process for a beginner.
Wed May 10 2023, 03:04:47
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
I reckon i will redesign the product using an AVR microcontroller.
After all it is only a timer with programmable ON/OFF time and a two line 16 x 2 CD display and twelve button keyboard,

As always thanks MGP
Thu May 11 2023, 07:53:26
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