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LDmicro Forum - Serial lcd interface with arduino

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Serial lcd interface with arduino (by Alex)
Hi, Does someone have or know some code for arduino to convert it as a serial lcd interface, i have been searching for some kind of code that can work with variables sent by ldmicro, I have also tried to make my own code but fail,

here is a webpage that gives the code but download link is broken I think.


I want to work with an arduino as serial interface because i could add, for example, some i2c modules like ds3231 with the arduino and work with ldmicro code
Wed Apr 19 2023, 00:48:29
(no subject) (by paulino (Calubert))
If you realize there are 2 versions of LDMicro, one that has to be made like an Arduino and LDMicro (with libraries and C code). and another that is done in a ladder in this communication is by TX-RX and communicates with the serial screens.
Look at the manual in the help in the software

Si te das cuenta LDMicro hay 2 versiones una que se tiene que hacer tipo arduino y LDMicro (con librerias y codigo C). y otro que se hace en escalera en este la comunicacion es por TX-RX y se comunica con las pantallas serial.
Mirate el manual en la alluda en el software de
Wed Apr 19 2023, 03:05:50
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