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LDmicro Forum - I can't obtain the .HEX file (Use el menA░: Compilar -> Compilar HI-TECH C para PIC)

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I can't obtain the .HEX file (Use el menA░: Compilar -> Compilar HI-TECH C para PIC) (by Angel Hernandez)
Does anyone knows why is this happening? I try to compile to get the .HEX file for PIC 18F4520 but LDmicro shows me this advertisment and I dont know the reason. I attach the image
Tue Apr 4 2023, 23:40:54, download attachment Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-04-04 a las 20.40.37.jpg
(no subject) (by MGP)
It's not an advertisement, it's a message.

You cannot generate a hex file from LDmicro for a 18Fxxxx pics, you can only create a C-file which you then have to compile with H-techC compiler.
Wed Apr 5 2023, 11:32:50
(no subject) (by Angel Hernandez)
Thank u for the answer and I'm sorry i dont know how to speak inglish very well hehe, can you expain me step by step how can I do that??
Wed Apr 5 2023, 16:29:45
(no subject) (by MGP)
Sorry I can't help you as I don't use C compilers, I only buy pics from the 16Fxxxx range which are supported by LDmicro.

If I can't use I▓C then that's just the way it is, the UART still works fine.
Thu Apr 6 2023, 04:50:15
(no subject) (by JosÚ)

You have in ldmicro package some files named Howto-Pic18.txt or ComoHacer-Pic18.txt that explain how to use external C libraries to build an hex file for your PIC18F4520.

You'll need HTC compiler for PIC18 available here:

Best regards
Thu Apr 6 2023, 14:36:52
(no subject) (by JosÚ)
Thu Apr 6 2023, 14:37:37
(no subject) (by Angel Hernandez)
Many many thanks Jose, I'm gonna try that
Thu Apr 6 2023, 21:11:07
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