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LDmicro Forum - 12f1840

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12f1840 (by PELEK)
hi everyone. how do i disable the internal resistors.
Mon Oct 3 2022, 16:47:10
(no subject) (by MGP)
Read this https://github.com/LDmicro/LDmicro/wiki/Disable-Pull-up-resistors

For the 12F1840 the WPUA 0x020C address is the same as that of the 16F1827 where you can see an example.

See also p127 in the datasheet
Tue Oct 4 2022, 07:12:06
(no subject) (by PELEK)

Hi MGP. Thanks for the reply, I'll try it soon and let you know the result.
Tue Oct 4 2022, 12:19:30
(no subject) (by PELEK)

I tested the address and finally it worked normally. Now I can continue my construction. Thanks MGP.
Tue Oct 4 2022, 14:54:57
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