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LDmicro Forum - Pic18F4520

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Pic18F4520 (by Frank McAlinden)
Hi Guys , im currently working on a project which uses the pic16F877. I think i may run out of program memory and noticed that the PIC18F4520 can be used ,so bought a few and when i went to compile it asks me to use the HiTech C compile option.Im not a C Programmer and was wondering do i have any simple options to use this chip...
Mon Sep 19 2022, 03:30:40
(no subject) (by MGP)
There is no other method than using the Hitec C compiler for the PIC18F4520.
Mon Sep 19 2022, 04:25:59
Pic18F4520 (by Frank McAlinden)
Thanks for the reply MGP , I suspected that would be the case .
Mon Sep 19 2022, 06:03:02
(no subject) (by Josť)
Hi Frank

You just need to install the compiler so that ldmicro can use it
to build your hex file ; no need to program in C.

Download last ldmicro32 files (zip version 5.5, not 6.0) on my github:


Download HTC (Hitech) C compiler on the same page and then read HowTo-PIC18 file in zip archive to install.

Post here if you need more help.

Tue Sep 27 2022, 01:34:16
(no subject) (by Frank McAlinden)
Thanks Jose for your reply, i,ll try and get my current file working and if not i will try what you suggest..
Many thanks
Wed Sep 28 2022, 04:53:27
Check this video, maybe you can pick some trick (by Taurai Mirimi)
Thu Oct 20 2022, 12:16:59
Hi Guys
Finally got back to trying out the htc compiler and am able to load up a hex file into my Pic18f4520 , the code mostly works except for the formatted serial messages sent to the lcd. i have tried altering the TXSTA REG to get close to 9600 baud ,but no joy.....Have attached a copy of my program, any advice appreciated.
Thu Jan 26 2023, 19:05:54, download attachment AUTO_CABLE_CUTTER1b.ld
(no subject) (by MGP)
Change all the OSR instructions in OSF in rung 60 -> 65.

You may only write the next command to the serial port when the other has completed.
Fri Jan 27 2023, 05:50:05
(no subject) (by Frank)
Thanks MGP ,
That did the trick....Wonder why my old code worked on my pic16f877..??...
Hopefully now i can make some more progress on this project...
Thanks again
Fri Jan 27 2023, 18:47:11
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