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LDmicro Forum - visual improvements to the Ldmicro base program

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visual improvements to the Ldmicro base program (by Mr. Pedro S)
Good friends!

I wanted to know if any of you are working on improvements for this great software.

I would like to be a software programmer to be able to add visual improvements to the program, give it a more current touch in appearance, since the appearance looks very old.

If someone could make visual improvements it would be easier to understand, I am a teacher in a small school for young people with few resources.

My mission and goal is to be able to teach them and introduce them to microcontrollers, as Ldmicro is free, it is a very good option for them to learn.

If someone improved or intends to do so, I would greatly appreciate it.

They are a great community and I appreciate everything you do.


Mr. Pedro S.
Sat Aug 27 2022, 17:38:28
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