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LDmicro Forum - Not starting

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Not starting (by kev)
Hi, Ldmicro will not start and leaves a message.

Unable to start correctly.

Any ideas ppl?

Many thanks.
Tue Aug 16 2022, 04:05:43
(no subject) (by Alex)
what version are you using?
Here is the link for latest releases:

Tue Aug 16 2022, 11:51:40
(no subject) (by kev)
Hi, I have the latest and running windows 11 pro.
Wed Aug 17 2022, 04:09:08
Como reparar el error (0x000007b) (by Calubert)
Lea atentamente este linz y solucionara el error como se puede ver no es un error de LDMicro,

Sun Aug 28 2022, 05:48:17
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