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LDmicro Forum - Adj time by VR.

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Adj time by VR. (by ammarl)
hi there,
can anyone support me with create delay-on timer with var time by variable resistance.
Mon May 16 2022, 04:34:42
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
How do you think it ought to be done?
What are your thoughts on the needed logical blocks to reach the end resut.
Tue May 17 2022, 07:50:48
Adj time by VR. (by ammarl)
hi Ziggy,

I tried to connect variable resistor to analog input and control A/D output to trigger turn-on delay timer time.

put it didn't work. any suggestions ???
Wed May 18 2022, 07:55:18
Adj time by VR. (by ammarl)
here you can find my example...
Wed May 18 2022, 08:00:51, download attachment CTC.ld
ammarl (by aydin)
For the program to work properly, the variable names must be the same. I hope Google has explained correctly.
Sat May 21 2022, 08:46:56, download attachment CTC_1.ld
(no subject) (by ammarl)
Dear aydin,

thanks for your help....
Sun May 22 2022, 05:34:22
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