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LDmicro Forum - A workshop on LDmicro source code

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A workshop on LDmicro source code (by Ziggy)
Is it possible to organise a series of tutorials on how LDmicro software is structured, how it works.
All this in the hope of increasing chances it survives various developer changes and challenges.

Further allowing individual users to add and maintain new processor(s).
Thu May 5 2022, 00:46:21
A workshop on LDmicro source code (by HavenTech)
Morning Everyone,

I second this proposal, and if those who have the know-how want an organizer, I can and will assist with that.

The meeting could be set up using Google Meet and I am happy to assist with the documentation.

Please let me know.

Kind regards
Sat May 7 2022, 02:29:10
A workshop on LDmicro source code (by HavenTech)
Hi Everyone,

I am also interested in collaborating with those who do understand the mechanics of LDMicro to support the use of PIC Micros in industry and hobbyist projects. The idea is to improve and enhance the features of LDMicro.

So, if anyone out there is interested in collaborating, then please drop me a mail at [email protected]

Have a great day!
Fri May 13 2022, 03:18:26
A workshop on LDmicro source code (by CHERGUI Abdelmadjid)
Hi everyone ,
I am also intrested for adding a new family from stm32 Micros, i would be happy if you send me the documentation and assist with you all the meet,
please for any further new contact me on my personal email
[email protected]
Thu May 19 2022, 11:23:46
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