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LDmicro Forum - Bank Selection error Code 597

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Bank Selection error Code 597 (by Prabhakar Deshpande)
Dear sir,
Pl explain and give solution for the Error occurring " Bank Selection error Code 597" in PIC16F886.
Mon Jan 17 2022, 06:52:52
(no subject) (by Josť)
In ldmicro ?
Which version ?
Mon Jan 17 2022, 10:10:32
(no subject) (by Prabhakar Deshpande)
Yes Version, pl guide.
Mon Jan 17 2022, 23:12:29
(no subject) (by MGP)
Without LD file there is little to say about it!

To everyone, if you have any problems please post as much information as possible and certainly the LD file with the LDmicro version used.
If possible a schematic of the circuit.
Tue Jan 18 2022, 02:12:49
(no subject) (by Josť)
I can't see this message in ldmicro source code...

MGP is right about information that must be given with any question.
Tue Jan 18 2022, 06:48:27
Workaround (by HGR)
Hello. Some times, in ladder programs with much matematicals steps, I found the same error, in my case PIC16f877. In these cases, with some versions the program is compiled ok, but dont work, in others, appears error 597. The workaround I have found , with the versions that allow it, was moving groups of matematicals functions to subroutines. In this way I reached 95%
of program flash wihout problem.
Sat Jul 30 2022, 18:05:42
Same Bank Select Error (by Frank McAlinden)
Hi guys , im getting the same bank select error [597:pic16.cpp]
Im using a pic16f877 chip @20mhz build5.4.1.1,memory around 90% ram around 35%.When i got the error the first time i had several of the maths instructions in parallel and modded them so each was on its own rung and it worked ok but after modding some of the math instructions (at the end of the program) the error has returned.Not sure what im doing wrong have attached file if someone can please have a look ..
Sat Sep 24 2022, 00:52:18, download attachment AUTO_CABLE_CUTTER1b.ld
To take into account. (by HGR)
Hello Frank McAlinden. Plese check this modification. The only changue done was rename the variables:
cable_len_total to cable_len_tot
cable_len_hund to cable_len_hun
It seems like that a very long variable name, make the same effect than the exess of matematicals functions.
Thu Oct 6 2022, 17:39:16, download attachment AUTO_CABLE_CUTTER1b-mod.ld
(no subject) (by Frank McAlinden)

Thank you so much ,im now able to compile without getting that error....much appreciated..!!!
Thu Oct 13 2022, 22:47:22
(no subject) (by Frank McAlinden)
I just modified HGR,s code ,only added clearing of the variable
cable_len_tot at the top of my program and im getting the same
error....im wondering to i need to shorten all the variable names..
Thu Oct 13 2022, 23:22:35
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