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LDmicro Forum - This program does not work on Atmel AVR ATmega 328 28-PDIP (Arduino1)

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This program does not work on Atmel AVR ATmega 328 28-PDIP (Arduino1) (by JJANCAR)
What's up friends?.
I am trying to read the analog input A0, and light a led through the output 13 of the Atmel AVR ATmega 328 28-PDIP (Arduino1). In the LDmicro simulator it works correctly, but physically mounted on the Arduino 1 the led does not turn on (it does not matter which output you use). Can someone tell me if it is a bug of this compiler version (Release, built 20:51:08 Mar 22 2021), or if I am doing something wrong. I would like you to try it to see what I am saying, it is driving me crazy. Thank you.
Tue Nov 2 2021, 09:43:16, download attachment Lectura_analogica.ld
(no subject) (by Paulino Calubert)
As you copy it with arduino libraries, if it is as I comment, you have to place the input and output pins in the C ++ code that LDmicro generates.
If you copy it as .hex (Machine code will work for you since Arduino can copy the .hex codes (in this way it is not necessary to decide the pins of the micro I / O

como lo copilas con librerías de arduino, si es como comento, tienes que colocar los pines de entrada y salida en el código C++ que genera LDmicro.
si lo copilas como .hex (Código maquina te funcionara ya que arduino puede copiar los codigos .hex ( de esta forma no hace falta decidir las patas del micro E/S
Tue Nov 2 2021, 09:53:38
(no subject) (by JJANCAR)
Thank you very much Paulino for answering.
I am compiling the program as .HEX in Ldmicro, later I send it to the arduino 1 with AvrDude. So far all the programs carried out by this procedure have worked for me, but this one I don't know why the led is not activated.
Tue Nov 2 2021, 12:53:43
(no subject) (by calubert)
I see that LDmicro puts pin 19 for you and when you copy it for Arduino it puts pin_13 you can test if pin_13 has the signal

Veo que LDmicro te coloca el pin_19 y cuando lo copilas para Arduino pone el pin_13 puedes probar si el pin_13 tienes la señal
Tue Nov 2 2021, 14:20:10
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