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LDmicro Forum - An arabic Youtube Channel is born

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An arabic Youtube Channel is born (by MedTronic)
Dear All My LDMicro Friends
I am Eng.Medhat Saber and i am happy to inform all of you about my new YouTube channel
welcome to my channel to make a good LDmicro community
My channel is with Arabic language... and I am happy to SetUp it

Best Regards
MedTronic .... Eng.Medhat Saber
Fri Oct 29 2021, 21:38:11
(no subject) (by MGP)
A good initiative, but also publish the LD code so that we don't have to retype it from the screen.
Especially for starters in LDmicro.

Good luck.
Sat Oct 30 2021, 03:25:31
(no subject) (by MedTronic)
Than you very much my friend MGP for your comment.... i will take your advice in my mind ... best regards and best wishes
Sat Oct 30 2021, 19:24:56
(no subject) (by Ahmad sakr )
Good effort. I Will visit your channel
I'm Ahmad from Egypt lets connect with you 01098467902
Tue Nov 2 2021, 10:15:57
welcom form egypt (by MedTronic)
Dear Ahmed: Welcome,and I was very pleased with this news. I hope to communicate to create a distinguished community and to share together. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and wait for your distinguished comments. Welcome again
Wed Nov 3 2021, 17:30:40
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