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LDmicro Forum - COMMAND AT LDmicro

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COMMAND AT LDmicro (by Hudson)
Does anyone friend have any idea if the example below to configure the AT commands that defines the operation of bluetooth?

I would like to try to make LDmicro configure my ble.
Mon Oct 18 2021, 19:54:45, download attachment EXEMPLE COMMAND AT.png
(no subject) (by Calubert)
Tue Oct 19 2021, 14:12:43
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Wed Oct 20 2021, 11:42:09
(no subject) (by Hudson)
Thank you my friends.

Had checked our forum.

I believe I was not clear on the question. I will redo.

I would like to configure my bluetooth module (hm10) with AT commands through ldmicro.

For example, rename, set work mode, password, baud, etc...

Did you check the image I attached at the beginning?

the examples you sent me were not successful tests. Today I configure my hm10 with a C program that I set up (Arduino IDE) to work master estravo and other settings, later I put my ldmicro program on the pci. I would like to do all this programming part of BLE through ldmicro incremented in my program.
Sun Oct 24 2021, 20:07:52
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
See the program for the commands in your attached image.
I could only simulation with LDmicro. Test on your hardware and confirm if it is OK
Mon Oct 25 2021, 07:53:12, download attachment HM10_AT_Commands.ld
(no subject) (by Hudson)
Hi, how are you Onos?

I would like to inform you that the program worked, I am adjusting other configuration parameters based on your program.

simply fantastic, I had already seen and subscribed to your channel. Maybe it's another interesting video to put on your channel.

As soon as I get the program running, I will return information to you here.

very grateful, you are master at ldmicro.
Wed Oct 27 2021, 20:22:02
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Hi Hudson,

I am doing great. I am glad the program worked and many thanks for subscribing to my channel. I am looking forward to your completed project.

However, my ability in LDmicro is rested on the shoulders of the creators and great programmers in this forum to whom I am very grateful.

Best Regards
Thu Oct 28 2021, 04:50:06
(no subject) (by Hudson)
Hello Onos!

I am also very happy with the results that LDmicro provides us, I am increasingly surprised by its tools.

I am attaching the revision of the base program you provided me, which is working on my hardware.

I created 2 programs based on yours. One for my central board, one for my remote. Both work with HM10, but I believe it also works with other BLE for configuration.

I ended up reducing the program and I'm still working on it to improve settings.

I am really grateful for your kindness in helping.

The 2 examples are attached.

Taking advantage of your reading, you would have an example of a program that saves an analog value where when we remove the power from the hardware, when turning it back on it remains saved in the atm328p microcontroller.
Sat Nov 6 2021, 10:46:39, download attachment TESTE 1 - CENTRAL.ld
(no subject) (by Hudson)
it was not possible to attach 2 files to the same post, I'm putting the second one here.

I hope you get my other doubt about saving a value in the microcontroller and after taking the power it remains saved, grateful.
Sat Nov 6 2021, 10:47:54, download attachment TESTE 2 - REMOTO.ld
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Hi Hudson,

Thanks for sharing. I think rungs 1 to 24 and 44 may not be required since you have removed the response section from the HM10.

See this link on saving variable: https://github.com/LDmicro/LDmicro/wiki/MAKE-PERSISTENT-operation

And my YouTube Video example has an example you can download from the description.

Best Regards
Sun Nov 7 2021, 08:39:19
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Sorry I forgot to attach the link to the video.
Sun Nov 7 2021, 08:40:47
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