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LDmicro Forum - pwm

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pwm (by hassan)
Hello, I hope you are all in good health,
Please help generate 3 phase 10Hz pwm signal for arduino mega forward and backward
Sat Oct 9 2021, 09:06:41, download attachment pwm-1-.pdsprj
(no subject) (by Calubert)
Attached program with 4 PWM and controlled by 4 potentiometers, with the division of the analog with the% of duty.
more can be done by comparing and adding ETC.

Adjunto programa con 4 PWM y controlados por 4 potenciometros, con la división del analogica con el tanto % del duty.
Sat Oct 9 2021, 11:41:27, download attachment 4PWM.ld
(no subject) (by hassan)
Thank you for your interest Calubert, you have all the respect
I want to control a 3-phase motor, forward and backward, at a frequency of 10hz
Sat Oct 9 2021, 12:37:45
(no subject) (by Calubert)
Sat Oct 9 2021, 12:46:08
(no subject) (by hassan)
Thanks Calubert
I can't edit the last file
I want to sine wave pwm 10 hz signal to control a motor by MOSFET
Sat Oct 9 2021, 14:28:43
(no subject) (by Calubert)
I use this LDMicro since external libraries can be made and it works = that the last version, but the advantage is that Fransua has it more aldia. the software is 4 PWM controlled by 4 adc = potentiometers this is the beginning and you can continue with whatever you want for your motor with this you could control 4 motors or four phases etc. Note you will have to modify it to your project.

yo uso este LDMicro ya que se pueden hacer librerias externas y funciona = que la ultima versión, pero la ventaja es que fransua la tiene mas aldia. el software es de 4 PWM controlado por 4 adc= potenciómetros esto es el principio ya tu podras seguir con lo que quieras para tu motor con esto podrías controlar 4 motores o cuatro fases etc. Nota tendrás que modificarlo a tu proyecto.

Sun Oct 10 2021, 06:22:24, download attachment 4PWM.ld
(no subject) (by hassan)

Thank you very much Calubert

Yes, I will try to modify the project

You have my full respect and appreciation
Sun Oct 10 2021, 14:01:47
(no subject) (by Paulino Calubert)
Gracias Hasan
shukran hasan
Thanks Hasan
Mon Oct 11 2021, 05:33:47
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