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LDmicro Forum - LdMicro32 new release 5.5b

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LdMicro32 new release 5.5b (by Josť)
Hi everybody

Because of some pbs in previous version, I have released a new version of my fork LdMicro32 (5.5b) available on Github:


This new version has been tested with several ARM, AVR, PIC16 and PIC18 targets.

It works with external C libraries supporting ADC, PWM, UART, SPI and I2C and thus requires an additional free C compiler. It supports english, french and spanish languages.

Read HowTo files to install and use it...

Best regards
Tue Aug 10 2021, 07:27:19
(no subject) (by Josť)

Contact me via this post if you need a free C compiler working with LdMicro32...
Tue Aug 10 2021, 07:30:31
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi)
Thank you very much for your every effort to improve LDMicro. Thank you to Ihor as well. Please supply the C compiler.
Fri Aug 13 2021, 18:59:27
(no subject) (by Josť)

Which C compiler do you need for your targets ?
For AVR, PIC16, PIC18, ARM ?

Sat Aug 14 2021, 03:25:05
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi)
PIC16 and ARM, please.
Sat Aug 14 2021, 23:04:53
(no subject) (by Josť)

ARM compiler is easy to find on the Net, for instance at:

The installer for Pic16 compiler is on my Github:

In fact only HTC compiler for Pic18 is hard to find...

Sun Aug 15 2021, 04:03:13
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi )
Thank you very much Josť! Much appreciated.
Sun Aug 15 2021, 19:09:18
Thank you very much!!! (by Angelo)
Thank you very much!!!
Mon Aug 16 2021, 14:47:13
(no subject) (by Josť)

I have tested separately DS1307, LCD16x2 over I2C and UART with my Pic18F4520 and it worked fine with this new version and new libraries (in the same zip file)

Beware to replace libraries in LIBRARIES_FOR and in the local HTC/lib copies.

Can you test your big program and let me know if it's Ok now, or not ?

Mon Aug 16 2021, 21:04:34
Pic18F4520 (by Angelo)
Hi Josť:

Sorry for not reporting to you before, I was kind of busy.

Now the I2C communication is working O.K. (DS3231 and a LCD-PCF8574 and memory 24LC16)

Unfortunately UART communication is not even generating the .hex file.
I tried with different versions of UART files (UartLib.c and UartLib.h) I replaced them in LIBRARIES_FOR and in the local HTC/lib.

Attached I send you some pics about the compilation.

Best regards
Sun Aug 22 2021, 10:15:57, download attachment I2C_REPORT_JOSE_21ago21.zip
(no subject) (by Josť)
OK dear Angelo !

I have looked at your script :

- the warnings about deprecation and unused labels are a bit boring but not important

- I don't know if your UART libraries are the right ones or not ; BUT you CAN'T have several Uart libraries in the same lib folder !!!
Copy the attached ones and remove all other Uart libraries as OLD_Uartlib.c from your folders.

It works fine for me and there's no reason why it shouldn't also work for you with the same program and same files ?!?

Let me know...
Mon Aug 23 2021, 15:08:40, download attachment Uartlib.zip
(no subject) (by Josť)

Once it's OK, you can remove from lib folder some libraries that you don't use in the project (ie: SpiLib, PwmLib...)
But recompile after to verify that you haven't removed something usefull (ie: UsrLib...)
Mon Aug 23 2021, 15:15:38
Pic18F4520 (by Angelo)
Hi Josť:
There are good news and bad news as well.

The Good news is that both types of communication (I2C and UART) work O.K. but just with the folder I had already created using LdMicro32_5_5a (version a)
I compiled using LdMicro32_5_5b version.

Now the bad news, before trying the procedure I told you before, I tried first creating a new folder (just to have some order).
When I tried to compile by using LdMicro32_5_5b (version b) the .hex file is not generated, actually nothing is created at all.

Attached I send you some pics about.
Wed Aug 25 2021, 13:48:02, download attachment 24_AGO_21_PICS.zip
(no subject) (by Josť)
OK Angelo

The solution is close to you...

It's the same pb again: you have 2 Uart libraries in your lib folder ; have a look at the first picture: there's uartlib and OLD_Uartlib in the list. And it can't work like that because all the Uart functions are duplicated and the linker (compiler part) can't choose !

To get rid of the wrong file definitively, you must remove it from lib AND from your LIBRARIES_FOR\PIC18 folder. Because each time you create a new project, the libraries are copied from the latter to the former !

I'll solve the deprecation warnings in the next release.

Wed Aug 25 2021, 15:04:38
Pic18F4520 (by Angelo)
Hi Josť:

I am really sorry, this is totally my mistake, you have already told me about erasing the OLD files.

Now everything is working O.K.

I appreciate your help!!!
Thu Aug 26 2021, 12:25:45
(no subject) (by Josť)
Well Angelo, that's fine !

It has been a bit long to have it working, but PIC18F4520 is a new target that few people had tested before.

I'll add some more PIC18F in the next release.

Thu Aug 26 2021, 12:59:37
PIC18F4520 (by Angelo)
I am looking forward for the next release!!!

Best Regards

Fri Aug 27 2021, 16:35:48
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