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LDmicro Forum - Pid control

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Pid control (by Ahmad sakr )
Is it possible to do pid control in LDMICRO
Fri May 14 2021, 06:51:03
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
What do you wish to control?
Fri May 14 2021, 15:59:30
(no subject) (by Ahmad sakr )
Speed of motor
Sat May 15 2021, 04:18:34
(no subject) (by MGP)
Download in this topic the file SAMPLES.ZIP

Inside the zip-file you can find pi-controller.ld that does what you want.

Also in this file you can find howto do it.
Sat May 15 2021, 05:57:14
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
If the PI algorithm proves to be difficult to stabilise Google "take back a half" algorithm.

It tends to be more stable than PI algorithm
Sat May 15 2021, 06:48:13
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
Easier to get going under some conditions.
Sat May 15 2021, 06:52:09
pid control (by BHAVYESH)
hi! is it possible to do pid control in ldmicro? I wish to control the angular position of the shaft using encoder and dc motor with arduino
Fri May 21 2021, 11:01:37
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