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LDmicro Forum - First steps in LDmicro

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First steps in LDmicro (by P. Mihaylov)
Hi I ordered a new PLC controller with PIC16F628A, it haves 8in x 6 Relay Out.
So I want to create ladder diagram but I dont know how to assign contacts of the inputs and the outsps in the ladder.
I have some experience with GX Developer, and there is X000 and Y000..... etc, but here I dont know how.
On the PCB names of outputs are RA1, RA0, RB4, RB5, RB6, RB7.
and inputs are impossible to read without zoomer.
But however if you have, any suggestion how to assign contacts, and coils. Please help me.

Thank you!
Sat May 1 2021, 09:27:18, download attachment kontroler.jpg
(no subject) (by OnoTech)
I hope this video is helpful
Sat May 1 2021, 11:08:41
Thank you (by P. Mihaylov)
Thank you for the fast reply OnoTech your videos are really helpful!

Thank you and wish you all the best!
Sat May 1 2021, 13:56:13
(no subject) (by OnoTech)
You are welcome
Sat May 1 2021, 14:09:03
Question (by P. Mihaylov)
Can you please tell me to use memory in controler as an relay?
In GX Developer program gives me to use internal relays as memory.
Thank you1!
Sun May 2 2021, 15:02:48
(no subject) (by P. Mihaylov)
How I can make this:

---|/|---- -----|/|----- ----------- (Coil) and this coil to be negated if I have this NC + NC and to set NO contact to NC in the internal memory of the controler?
Sun May 2 2021, 15:07:06
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Check this video
Sun May 2 2021, 16:37:27
Problem with my PLC (by P. Mihaylov)
Hi I have a problem with my PLC.
I ordered PLC with 8 in and 6 out 24v with PIC16F628A chip.
First I ordered JMD programmer to save the program in controller, but after 10-15 times of trying to upload a program I asked the producer why I cant upload this and everytime I get error.
So he explained me that RS232 doesn't give enought voltage from laptop so this is not the problem, I bought PicKit3 so everything is alright now but, am I stupid or am I wrong.
I make a simple program with 1 NO contact and coil, I pin ot MCU but nothings happen, I tried hundred times, I understand ladder logic, I have previous experiec with GX Developer, but I cant do elemntary program and to check it.
The company that make PLC have demonstracy program and everything is OK, I bridged every in and I have a result in out. Everything work with this software.
I watched all of your videos where you explained ladder logic, and how to make a simple program I tried but nothings happen.
I think there is a problem with my PLC but how I can be sure?

Is there any possibility my chip to be broken with my attempts of trying to program with JDM?
Sun May 9 2021, 16:21:50, download attachment simple.png
Controller (by P. Mihaylov)
This is my PLC I have to make a decision does I need to buy a new one or to try with this?
Sun May 9 2021, 16:24:19, download attachment IMG_20210509_231835.jpg
(no subject) (by OnosTech)

Your PLC has 4Mhz crystal oscillator. But I am not sure if it is using internal or external 10k for the MCLR.

From the MCU Parameter option from the settings menu, try the below option for the PIC Configuration bits.

External MCLR = 0x3F61
Internal MCLR = 0x3F41
Sun May 9 2021, 17:32:04
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Remember to set the MCU Crystal frequency to 4MHz
Sun May 9 2021, 17:38:06
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