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LDmicro Forum - Question in i2c lcd speed

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Question in i2c lcd speed (by Ahmad sakr )
Is it possible to use i2c lcd for displaying the frequency 50 Hz
I tried plc cycle time 1 ms for atmega 328 with 16mhz but not working
Sat Mar 20 2021, 20:45:55
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Upload your code lets check it out
Mon Mar 22 2021, 04:10:40
(no subject) (by Josť)
I don't understand the question...
Mon Mar 22 2021, 16:47:18
(no subject) (by Ahmad sakr )
I'm asking about the speed of i2c
Tue Mar 23 2021, 01:43:14
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
If you are asking about communication speed, the standard mode is 100,000 Hz and 400,000 Hz for fast mode. I have used 400,000 Hz for my I2C LCD.
Tue Mar 23 2021, 09:08:09
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