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LDmicro Forum - LDmicro.GitHub news v5.4.1.0

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LDmicro.GitHub news v5.4.1.0 (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
== Release

* Added "Microchip PIC12F1840 8-pin packages" (Sponsored by MGP, thank you very much.)

* New: Element ODR: ONE DROP if RISING is the inversion
of the element OSR: ONE-SHOT RISING,
_ _ _
--[_/ ODR \_/ ]-- ONE DROP if RISING
_ _
--[_/ OSR_/ \_]-- ONE-SHOT RISING

* Rename: Element OSL: ONE-SHOT LOW LEVEL
to new name ODF: ONE DROP if FALLING
_ _ _
--[ \_ODF \_/ ]-- ONE DROP if FALLING
_ _
--[ \_OSF_/ \_]-- ONE-SHOT FALLING


* Fixed error: 'true' undeclared (first use in this function). Issue BuildAVR.bat fixed #227
while(true) replaced at while(1)

* Fixed: BUS TRACER element.

* Wiki: HOW TO: 7 segment display (7SEG & BUS)

* Fix: WIP: SPI Atmel AVR-GCC for ATmega2560.

Fri Mar 19 2021, 14:32:20
HOW TO: 7 segment display, 7SEG & BUS (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
Fri Mar 19 2021, 17:18:22
(no subject) (by OnosTech)
Many thanks, Ihor, MPG and Jose for the new update. You guys are great.
Sat Mar 20 2021, 03:42:31
Bus example please (by MedTronic)
Dear All
is a bus tracer working with pic16f ... if yes please give me an
example how to use it with any pic16 micro like pic16f628 or pic 16f876

Thanks in advanced

Sat Mar 20 2021, 20:37:19
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
BUS TRASER is a software function, the hardware is not used. It works the same on different MCUs.
Sun Mar 21 2021, 06:20:35
(no subject) (by MedTronic)
thanks Ihor Nehrutsa for fast replay ... please give me an example with pic16f628 or pic16f876 ... i test it but give me error and hex file not generated

thanks very much
Sun Mar 21 2021, 09:34:10
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
May you publish ld file?
Sun Mar 21 2021, 13:58:10
(no subject) (by MedTronic)
My file is very simple to test only
please help me

Sun Mar 21 2021, 15:39:04, download attachment MedBusTest.ld
(no subject) (by MGP)
Ihor, if you change the order of the destination bits in the BUS TRACER instruction you will get a compiler error.
Mon Mar 22 2021, 04:06:14
(no subject) (by MedTronic)

(no subject) (by MGP)
Ihor, if you change the order of the destination bits in the BUS TRACER instruction you will get a compiler error.
Today, 04:06:14

Dear MGP
what this mean ... i can't change the order of the source bit
and you say i can't chang the order of the destination bit's

now how can i use the bus tracer instruction

please help
or it can't be used with pic's ... or it is a bug or what

Mon Mar 22 2021, 13:10:07
(no subject) (by MGP)
Have a little patience until Ihor has time to look at it, he does it all in his spare time.
Mon Mar 22 2021, 13:18:52
(no subject) (by MedTronic)
ok .... thanks and my respect for you and for Ihor

Many thanks

Mon Mar 22 2021, 14:01:19
LDmicro.GitHub news v5.4.1.1 (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
== Release

* Fixed: Reset the Pull-up resistors when you start a new program. Fix #222

* Added PWM on Atmega128. Fix #221

* Fixed: BUS TRASER for PICs MCU.


Mon Mar 22 2021, 15:14:34
(no subject) (by MedTronic)
Thank you very much my friend
Now fixed and run .... very nice and my recpect
Tue Mar 23 2021, 06:47:03
(no subject) (by MGP)

I think there is an error in V5411, after simulation LDmicro 5411 does not work anymore, is there anyone else who experiences something like this?
Fri Mar 26 2021, 07:28:02
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
Yes, I see the crash after the simulation.
Fri Mar 26 2021, 08:12:20
pic16f676 (by MURTAZA)
Ihor Nehrutsa have you any program in lad micro Add pic 16f676
Sat Apr 17 2021, 05:11:03
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