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LDmicro Forum - Interfacing lcd with microcontroller using SPI using 74hc595 shift register

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Interfacing lcd with microcontroller using SPI using 74hc595 shift register (by Ahmad sakr)
To jose
Thanks for your great work in interfacing lcd to microcontroller using I2c unfortunately I didn't found the PCF8574 in my country.
Is it possible to interface lcd using SPI with the help of 74hc595 shift register. I found that way which interface arduino, lcd and 74hc595 in that link
Best regards
Mon Sep 9 2019, 10:16:53
(no subject) (by Josť GILLES)

Theoritically it seems to be possible to drive a 16x2 LCD display with a 74HC595 or CD4094 8-bit shift register.
I didn't try, but some people have successfully tested it under Arduino, according to your link above.

But... to initialize your display you first need to send it a sequence of commands. And then any character to send requires a little protocol with timings (as in C library). It'll be difficult to manage it directly in ldmicro. An LCD over SPI library would be required.

Can't you use another io-expander like MAX7328 or MAX7329 or FXL6408 or any other one with I2C input and 8 ouputs, instead of PC8574 ?

Best regards
Mon Sep 9 2019, 14:54:56
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