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LDmicro Forum - tof and uart

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tof and uart (by marius)
One can help me with two problems in the next software.
The first problem in line 8 of the progmam I have a TOF function that has to delay stopping a device, in simulated operation but in normal operation the microcontloler does not want it.
The next problem. I have to send Uart the crates 1 2 3 4 depending on the state of Xdeschis, Xinchis and Ybanda.
in simulation send but the microcontroller does not work.
4 must be sent while Ybanda is active
Wed Jun 5 2019, 07:55:12, download attachment amro benzi .ld
(no subject) (by MGP)
You program is not good.

Avoid to send 2 numbers in the same cycletime, all the oscillators have the same timming.
Dont send 2 times the same number as in line 2,4 and 6.
Thu Jun 6 2019, 04:15:35
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