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LDmicro Forum - DIY Barrier controller with PIC16F628 MCU__bad program

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DIY Barrier controller with PIC16F628 MCU__bad program (by M. Javed)
Hi Friends,

I missed to attached the "Barrier__new.ld" file, as this is the program making problems..

Please help..

Wed May 22 2019, 07:18:43, download attachment Barrier__new.ld
(no subject) (by Calubert)
Your problem is that you repeat the output Y0_PMP_Rly, and can not be repeated only once, change by internal R and both relays you change the variable name, you attached ladder so you see how to make your failure.
Mon Jun 10 2019, 09:22:10, download attachment saverprogramar.ld
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