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LDmicro Forum - Simple enhancement for AVR based solutions

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Simple enhancement for AVR based solutions (by Ziggy)
I have been tripped up... yet again by LD micro pin assignment choices.

I refer to inability to utilise pins normally reserved for external clock function when the internal RC clock is selected.

My preferred micro controller is ATmega 328.
Under LD micro the clock input pins PB6 and PB7 are not available for general I/O use even when the internal clock source is selected.
This is true of a number of ATmega device except for ATmega 32 which I understand has pins exclusively dedicated to external clock .

Is it possible to expose these two I/O pins so that they can be used when internal clock is selected?

Internal/ external clock selection is made at programing time through fuse selection under immediate user selection.
Thu Apr 11 2019, 17:38:51
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
It would be neat if when we select those pins as IO it automatically reverted to intrc.
Thu Apr 11 2019, 20:07:39
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