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LDmicro Forum - Version

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Version (by Josť GILLES)
Ihor has published on Github/Ldmicro a new version
(build only) in which, according to what I have tested, my external libraries seem to be fully functionnal for AVR, ARM and PIC16, especially to use SPI or I2C.

Thanks to him
Let us new if you try.

Thu Apr 11 2019, 01:39:12
Version (by DanielH)
Thanks you, Josť, for your pinned notice (and for your work, of course!).

Version was be announced by Ihor at the very end in v. thread; perhaps many LDmicro users are not reading completely each topic and its replies, and have lost this news.

About SPI, I2C instructions:
I'm sorry, I'm not using this kind of bus in my projects, neither I haven't such type of devices.
Perhaps in the future I will buy some I2C devices to try...

Best regards,
Thu Apr 11 2019, 01:58:57
LDmicro.GitHub news v5.3.0.3 (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
== Release

* Fixed crash when save LD.

* Fixed LDLANG_IT, Italian locale. Thank you very much, Claudio Birello.
manual-it.txt updated.

Thu Apr 11 2019, 03:42:37
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