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LDmicro Forum - plc

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plc (by john)
sorry couldnt wait for an answer of where to pay for implementation of micro controller and since i was going to pay to get it here for everyone i just went and bought a true plc for just me
Tue Apr 9 2019, 23:27:16
(no subject) (by MGP)
Good luck with your plc.
Remember that LDmicro and a real plc are two different things.

And there is no one to blame here, everything runs on volunteer work where a lot of time is spent by the developers, thanks again for the hard work.
Wed Apr 10 2019, 02:49:28
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
What he ^ said
Wed Apr 10 2019, 05:10:10
(no subject) (by john devito)
not blaming anyone, but one can easily see there are posts form the developers and not even a comment on a post asking about adding a pic that they developed and listed it as needing to buy it.I had no problem with buying it but an answer to the question would have been nice.
Wed Apr 10 2019, 12:58:19
(no subject) (by Josť GILLES)

Sometimes some questions have no answer ; but many people also ask dummy questions and don't seem to take any care of answers
and make us waste time...
Thu Apr 11 2019, 01:34:29
(no subject) (by MGP)
@Gilles,that is called 'dreaming', many expect a ready-made program, preferably with a diagram and pcb, but that is a typical forum issue.
If you give in to every question for change, the cooperation usually does not last long.
Good advice, don't put pressure on yourself, keep it pleasant for yourself... and i know what i'm talking about, I have been there

And for I2C ... as I have stated before, I2C is outside the black box of LDmicro and therefore not for me.

Best regards
Thu Apr 11 2019, 02:41:02
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