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LDmicro Forum - LDmicro.GitHub news v5.3.0.2

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LDmicro.GitHub news v5.3.0.2 (by Ihor Nehrutsa)

== Release

* Fixed flashMcu.bat and LIBRARIES_FOR ARM, AVR, PIC by Jose GILLES

* Fixed LDLANG_IT, Italian locale. Thanks, Claudio Birello.

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Mon Apr 1 2019, 18:55:40
(no subject) (by Alex)
thanks for the new update Ihor, i wanted to say something about the code generated by ldmicro when we use SPI or I2C fucntions, i think we should focus on their main software (avr studio or mplab) if using avr o pic, in order to use 100% ldmicro´s functions with generated code, i say thhis because i remember that P2M was disabled in c code for PIC C COMPILER but it could be implemented in MPLAB if we want to use SPI or I2C
Tue Apr 2 2019, 09:16:50
Felicitación (by Calubert)
Jose GILLES, Gracias por tu trabajo con LDMicro ya veo que se a a hecho casi internacional Con tantos idiomas. Saludos Paulino
Tue Apr 2 2019, 10:48:18
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
to Alex
What is the P2M?
Tue Apr 2 2019, 10:57:06
(no subject) (by Alex)
sorry, PWM
Tue Apr 2 2019, 11:15:51
(no subject) (by José GILLES)
To Alex:

There are in the package libraries for ADC, PWM, I2C and SPI
for ARM, AVR and PIC16 targets, according to their availability
on the choosen micro.

You can use them together via C compiling with ARM-Gcc, AVR-Gcc or HighTech-C (alias PIC-C)

Thu Apr 4 2019, 05:37:43
LDmicro.GitHub news v5.3.0.3 (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
== Release

* Fixed crash when save LD.

* Fixed LDLANG_IT, Italian locale. Thank you very much, Claudio Birello.
manual-it.txt updated.

Mon Apr 8 2019, 13:13:54
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