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LDmicro Forum - Problem with pwm output

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Problem with pwm output (by Adriano Batista de Oliveira)
Dear Developer.

I made a program for the ATMega328P microcontroller, using an analog input and a PWM output, but the behavior of the program was very different than when I programmed using the Arduino IDE. Apparently the PWM output has not stabilized.
Do I need to use any additional function to stabilize the pwm output?

Adriano B. de Oliveira.
Mon Mar 11 2019, 15:31:28
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
SHow us Your ladder diagram.


Mon Mar 11 2019, 17:52:18
Problem with pwm output (by Adriano Batista de Oliveira)
Good afternoon!

I put the 2 codes
Arduino and LDMicro
My question is that the microcontroller behaved differently in the arduino program compared to LDMicro.
Do I need to add any in LDMicro?

Adriano B. de Oliveira.
Tue Mar 12 2019, 12:37:03, download attachment AnalogInputOutput.zip
Problem with pwm output (by Adriano Batista de Oliveira)
Excuse me!

This is the correct program.
Tue Mar 12 2019, 12:41:06, download attachment Analog_Input_Output.ld
Problem with pwm output (by Adriano Batista de Oliveira)
As I change the value of the potentiometer in the arduino code the change of clarity in the led is much softer than in the program LDMicro
Tue Mar 12 2019, 12:45:42
(no subject) (by MGP)
Try this program.

You left the config bits empty in the menu settings, is this normal with arduino?
Tue Mar 12 2019, 13:09:25, download attachment Analog_Input_OutputV2.ld
salida de pwm (by Calubert)
Prueba este LDMicro, ya que sabemos que lo máximo en ancho de pulso es 100% (PWM) si es mayor el analógica de entrada 1000 mueve un cero al (PWM) para que no te de errores
Tue Mar 12 2019, 15:50:29, download attachment Analog_Input_OutputV2p.ld
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