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LDmicro Forum - windows 10

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windows 10 (by Mark)
is LD-Micro compatible on Windows 10?
Sat Jan 26 2019, 20:32:00
(no subject) (by Alex)
i use windows 10 and ldmicro
Sat Jan 26 2019, 20:40:34
(no subject) (by Mark)
what version of ldmicro are you using?
Sat Jan 26 2019, 20:45:21
(no subject) (by Alex)
ldmicro 2.4v (upgrade of ldmicro 2.3v) ldmicro 5.1.0.c from:
Sat Jan 26 2019, 20:47:22
(no subject) (by Mark)
Thank You Alex
Sat Jan 26 2019, 22:36:44
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