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LDmicro Forum - 220VAC OR 110VAC contactor interface with PIC

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220VAC OR 110VAC contactor interface with PIC (by amjad)
i am facing a problem in my circuit , i am using controlling star delta motors with the 16f887 control 12v relays depending in inputs and other things ;i think there is no problem in this part

the 220 v contactors is taking supply from relays lay in the same pcb .
, i test circuit without connecting the 220 v it works nice and makes no problem ...

but when connecting to the contators ; some times when contactors on or off it is going to reset any idea will be good
Fri Jan 25 2019, 15:31:26
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
Can You show wiring diagram?
Is the contactor coil driven by 220V?
Do you have any kind of transient suppression on contactor coil?
Is the contactor remote to the control board?

Problem may be the contactor coil transient is upsetting power supply for the micro and causing it to misbehave.

This is the time to consider sources of Electro magnetic interference.
Fri Jan 25 2019, 20:24:37
(no subject) (by Zoran)
You need RC snubber across coil try with 33ohms and 100n capacitor usually is conected to hot wire.
If this doesn't help You have to use 24VDC coil.
Sat Jan 26 2019, 02:44:43
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