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how to programmable with PIC by ladder for ignition spark for V16 with timming disc on low 1500rpm
input pickup with 16 teeth and 1 missing tooth
Tue Feb 13 2018, 09:32:29
(no subject) (by MGP)
The first thing you have to do is drawing a diagram with the timing of the pickupsignals, you will definitely need an oscilloscope for this if you don't have the technical manual.

Under that drawing you have to draw the ignition sequence.

Everything will have to be done with the necessary precision.
I think that Ldmicro will be slow for this but therefore you need to make a timingdiagram.

If you have all the information then programming is not that difficult, the hardware will be more difficult depending on your knowledge.

Thinking of someone else to do this is not doable because he can not test it and you can not change it.

So learn to program yourself is the assignment.Good luck!
Tue Feb 13 2018, 10:11:12
(no subject) (by giapy)
thanks reply me !
but i need method calculator TDC cylindre 1
Tue Feb 13 2018, 12:02:07, download attachment Untitled.png
(no subject) (by MGP)
You need a missing pulse detector, so you need to know the time between 2 pulses, not the time of the gap.
Tue Feb 13 2018, 12:22:22
(no subject) (by MGP)
Here you have an example how to do it.
Tue Feb 13 2018, 13:28:11, download attachment IngnitionController.ld
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
You would be better off having a new reluctor made. One set of teeth to get the cylinder timing and a second set of teeth for a reference pulse.

It would make the most sense to use this based on the camshaft rather than the crank so it could be dialed in sync with the cam lobes or make it use the factory distributor shaft if it was equipped with a distributor.

It may be helpful to know what you are doing with it.
Tue Feb 13 2018, 23:30:01
(no subject) (by giapy)
time betwween 2 pulse = 22,5 degree with max 2000rpm
thank for me way
Wed Feb 14 2018, 08:31:15
(no subject) (by giapy)
how to ignition with reluctor 16-1 ! ? Tom J for me example with 16 cyl sequence
Fri Feb 16 2018, 03:18:24
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
I'm new to this but I would do 16 counters, each counting one digit higher than the last to 16 output pins, then when the single pulse comes it re-starts the sequence.

I'm sure there's a better way but like I said, I'm new.

I'm not new to automotive engine management though so I do know you'd want to do much more as far as timing advance/retard vs a knock sensor to draw the spark timing back a bit when knock occurs.

With a single cam pulse you could run an 8 tooth reluctor on the crank since the bottom end rotates 2:1 vs the cam on a 4 stroke engine.

Start writing some simple stuff and simulate to get experience.
Sat Feb 17 2018, 21:18:27
cranking an engine (by ibrahim soamn)
can some one help me to make sensor attached to pcb counting 1500 rpm to disconnect crank after starting an engine is normal optocoupler like 4n25 is enough
Sat Dec 29 2018, 01:04:15
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