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LDmicro Forum - SD card, RTC DS1307

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SD card, RTC DS1307 (by Mr.Dung)
Hi all,
How to interface SD card, RTC DS1307 on LDmicro, my project used ATmega32A. Please help me final this project, if any up load Example on forum, Thank you so much!
Wed Jul 29 2015, 00:35:32
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
What are you trying to do? LDmicro supports the micro's internal flash (with a PERSIST instruction), and you could implement an RTC in pure ladder,

Wed Jul 29 2015, 00:49:57
(no subject) (by Josť GILLES)

DS1307 RTC works with I2C bus.

You can use it with your ATMega32 in ldmicro via external C libraries for I2C. Look in LIBRARIES_FOR folder and read HowTo file.

SD Card can work in SPI mode. Look at SPI libraries in the same folder.

Tue Apr 9 2019, 02:00:38
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