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LDmicro Forum - Support for raspberry pi

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Support for raspberry pi (by Mark)
I am trying to run LD micro generated code with a raspberry pi. I have found a project on github that provides support for the gpio pins. This is basicaly a bytecode interpreter that uses the wiring pi library. I am providing the attachment with the c code. This interpreter works, but does not have support for uart. Only gpio pins are supported. I want to ask if someone has done any work on using the raspberry pi UART with LD micro generated bytecode? Or if someone has written functions to use the raspberry pi with LD micro ANSI C it would of great help.
Thanks in advance.
Tue Apr 7 2015, 18:59:32, download attachment ldpi.c
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
The Pi can run linuxCNC under ubuntu.

Part of LinuxCNC is a PLC controller with much larger repertoir of IO pins than the humbe pic or AVR.

Di investigate linuxCNC on Pi for a broader explanation.
Wed Apr 8 2015, 23:33:16
Modus Rs 485 Master Slev Application (by Rikin )
Dear Sir

I am use pic 16f886 is master write Modus resistor 40101 slev is modus software in pc . Please Send me Example program
Mon Aug 12 2019, 14:51:34
(no subject) (by Josť GILLES)
To mark:

Raspberry Pi is rather a micro-computer than a micro-controller and is a very (too) big target for ldmicro...
It requires it's own OS to work, not easy to mix with ldmicro cycles.

This Interpreter only decodes the most simple INT instructions but it seems that you can add some more (like uart) if you feel like, using wiringpi as said in your file:


There are libraries for Uart, Spi, I2C, Pwm...

Tue Aug 13 2019, 03:43:14
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