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LDmicro Forum - ultrasonic sensor hc sr04

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ultrasonic sensor hc sr04 (by Niladri)
How to program ultrasonic sensor hc sr04 by ldmicro?
Sat Sep 13 2014, 09:53:40
(no subject) (by MGP)
The minimum cycletime is 0.2mS = 200ÁS and you have to check if the signal is high or low, means 2 x 200ÁS or 400ÁS.

Read the timing diagrams in the datasheet of the sensor and you will know if you can use ldmicro for this.
Mon Sep 15 2014, 06:18:31
(no subject) (by Niladri)
Can you send me some program?
Mon Sep 15 2014, 08:12:03
(no subject) (by MGP)
What I wanted to say is that you can not use ldmicro for this sensor.
Ldmicro is too slow.
Mon Sep 15 2014, 12:42:18
US-016 (by Plesi Dumitru)
Senzorul US-016 are Aut analog ,se poate citi pe analog IN.
Mon Jun 10 2019, 09:35:53
(no subject) (by JosÚ GILLES)

In fact, HC-SR04 sensor is not adapted to Ldmicro because its output is a short high-level time, which is not compatible with Ldmicro fixed cycle time.

You should use as said above a US-016 sensor, which output is an analog voltage and can be read with an ADC input.

Wed Jun 12 2019, 04:32:43
Plc ladder program for arduino uno (by samiraj)
Dear developer ,

Kindly need more details or make videos for arduino uno plc , here ,not deep details
Sun Jun 23 2019, 00:29:54
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