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LDmicro Forum - I2C in LDmicro

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I2C in LDmicro (by Dzairo)
Hi all
here is short video how it work.
LDmicro with SFR function can work with I2C.
I don't have more free time then I do only outputs for IO expander PCF8547

here is video : http://sevc.szm.com/VIDEO0103.3gp
Fri Jun 6 2014, 14:30:32, download attachment I2C_atmega328.ld
(no subject) (by J R)
Hi Dzairo,

can you add a copy rung function into ldmicro? some code is on this link

thanks in advance
Sat Jun 7 2014, 07:28:30
(no subject) (by dzairo)
Hi J R.
As I write before , I don't know how to do it . I don't know structure Ldmicro and I'm only begginer or C for win32. Then I can not help you .
If I want copy part code from one project ot another then copy from source file *.ld ...

Sat Jun 7 2014, 14:34:56
mei (by meiyazhakan)
sir this file cannot open how check i2c help me
Tue Jun 24 2014, 06:47:49, download attachment qc.png
(no subject) (by MGP)
You need a new version of Ldmicro (not official and experimental).
You can find it here: http://cq.cx/ladder-forum.pl?action=viewthread&parent=3895
Wed Jun 25 2014, 02:54:41
(no subject) (by Alex)
now that there is a good improve in ldmicro, i really think that i2c function is totally needed, or spi , for using other peripheral components such as lcds, sensors, etc, a way to use i2c in ladder
Sat Dec 8 2018, 10:30:50
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