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LDmicro Forum - EasyPLC is the esiest way to build your home made plc!

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EasyPLC is the esiest way to build your home made plc! (by Emmeci85)
Here's a solution to build a remarkable, simple, reliable and powerful PLC on your own!
Little charge, great profit with EasyPLC!

EasyPLC can be programmed with ladder logic thanks to free LDMICRO software (developped by Jonathan Westhues), or can be programmed with BASIC/C language (i.e. Picbasic or MicroC) to make the most of ist potential.

For further informations please visit:

Mon May 6 2013, 04:42:43
plc (by Sandeep Ginoya)
i want to make a plc , i have pic development board also, so can u help for it, and give me circuit diagrams and communication cable diagram, and i also want that plc to communicate it with pc( any scada software) or an hmi, is it possible.

Tue Jun 18 2013, 08:06:53
Easy PLC made by "hand" (by Tin)

Dear Sandeep Ginoya
I'm doing that also, but I use PIC16F877, and David said, it so old.
if you have pic development board, can you give me comment about my project (pls contact me by email to received circuit diagrams, because it so large, can't attach here)
I want connect it through modbus RTU too.
I think, we can do that and more !
if we discuss together.


[email protected]
(Mechatronic - Saigon Technology University - VietNam)
"Before you print, think about paper made by wood"
Mon Jul 1 2013, 08:02:33
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi)
I am sorry to take a rather unconventional approach. But I think this wonderful web page was created with the tntention to promote LDMicro, and help those who love and believe in the capabilities and the future of LDMicro. So in my limited understanding, it does not make sense if anyone comes here to promote other websites or facilities. But that is just me. Please bear with me in my foolishness.
Thu Feb 28 2019, 03:33:42
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