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LDmicro Forum - Shift register

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Shift register (by bandara)
Would someone kindly help me to understand how to create Shift register in LDmicro similar to Omron PLC, the data bit should be shift by the clock puls
Ex:- to apply label on a product on conveyor which having variable speed, my data will be product detector and clock will be conveyor pulse.

Appriate your help.
Wed Mar 7 2012, 08:39:10
Shift register (by bandara)
Dear Jonathan,
Can you please help me on this?
Thu Mar 8 2012, 05:40:47
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Have you looked at the shift register op? Try the attached program, for example, and watch the data propagate through the shift register on each rising edge of Rosc.
Thu Mar 8 2012, 12:36:48, download attachment shift-reg.ld
shift register (by bandara)
Thanks Jonathan
Thu Mar 8 2012, 16:12:42
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