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LDmicro Forum - 16F886

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16F886 (by trendsetter)
I LDmicroed a simple program for the 16F886 (please see the attached). However, I could not get the the program running. Please help. Thank you in advance.
Tue Apr 20 2010, 09:15:10, download attachment simplest1.txt
no subject (by simon)
post your ld format file .
Tue Apr 20 2010, 16:01:37
(no subject) (by trendsetter)
Attached please find the ld format file.
Thank youm Simon.
Tue Apr 20 2010, 17:15:47, download attachment simplest_one.ld
(no subject) (by trendsetter)
Among other things, I used the PICkit2 to load the hex file.
Everything went well. However, I did not see the output when I pressed the button. I also changed a new 16F886 and checked all other aspects, i.e. VCC, GND, et cetera

Is there any different settings between internal and external oscillators?

I really love the LDmicro. I think the LDmicro will gain a huge potential when Jonathan accumulates enough samples and different MCUs in the library.

Again, Thank you very much.
Tue Apr 20 2010, 17:33:37
Configuration Bits (by S A Khan)
It’s working…………

Configuration Bits are:

Oscillator: HS
Watchdog Timer: Disabled
Power Up Timer: Enabled
Master Clear: Enabled
Data EE Protect: Disabled
Brown Out Detect: Enabled
Int-Ext Switchover: Disabled
Fail-safe Clk. Monitor: Disabled
Low Voltage Program: Disabled
In-Circuit Debugger: Disabled
Brown-out Reset Sel : set to 2.1V
Wed Apr 21 2010, 02:21:15
no subject (by simon)
if you use this schematic , it shuld be ok .
verify if your programmer release the target from reset after programing , if no , then unplug the programmer from your mcu .
Wed Apr 21 2010, 03:57:19, download attachment 886.rar
Thank you (by trendsetter)
Thank you S A Khan & Simon for walking me through.
I used an external crystal (SG-51P 20Mhz)
It's working now.
Wed Apr 21 2010, 10:00:48
Problem with PIC 16F886 (by kevil)
the first many thank developer.

I have problem with ldmicro. I do a project push button but when i simulation on Protues 7 it display error

[PIC16 MEMORY]PC=0x003C.Attempt to write unimplemented memory location 0x0008 with 0x00 ignored

I use pull up resistor on button. Alway=1, push =0

pls help me resolve problem. thank !
Sat Oct 5 2013, 23:12:54, download attachment Button.ld
Problem with PIC 16F886 (by kevil)
And i use PIckit2 to program hex build from Button.ld for it. When i push button, nothing happen
Sat Oct 5 2013, 23:16:19
Need Fixbugs (by kevil)
Any one can help. I use verson 2.2
Thu Oct 17 2013, 13:10:25, download attachment Untitled.jpg
(no subject) (by MGP)
I have change something in the hex-file and i wonder if this will work.
Can you try the new hex-file attached (same program) but with changed config-bits.
Post something back if it works or not.
Thu Oct 17 2013, 14:50:44, download attachment test886.hex
Still error (by kevil)
Hi MGP and all. I'm use your file but still error on simulation and on real board. PIC don't work. I use PICkit 2 v2.61 (windows 7 32 bits) to download program to PIC.

I don't know what wrong happen ?

Pls help me fix error. I love LDmicro so much.

And how to config bit and memory in LDmicro. I think some problem on config bit and memory
Wed Oct 23 2013, 22:34:41
Pls help (by kevil)
Anyone can help me solve problem pls. I try but not OK
Sat Nov 2 2013, 00:00:55
(no subject) (by MGP)
The generated hex file shows 2 config words. (4 bytes starting at 2007)

The second can't be programmed i think because it's not exitent.
I don't have a 886 controller.
Anyway, I can't fix it , even when I had a controller.
See the attached file.
Sat Nov 2 2013, 04:44:52, download attachment config_words.jpg
(no subject) (by Antonio Nilton de Matos)
Boa tarde, alguém já conseguiu gravar o PIC 16f886 com código do LDmicro?. Não consigo gravar.

Antonio Nilton de Matos
Mon Jun 24 2019, 14:24:59
(no subject) (by Ihor Nehrutsa)
Tested in Proteus, all Ok.
Please publish ld file.
Tue Jun 25 2019, 02:47:01
Mirar manual (by paulino)

do not try to put numbers, look manual is clear that says not to put numbers in the variables, Example this is incorrect x1 - Y1. Correct Xpulso --- Yenciende, in this way in all the mics work well.

do not try to put numbers, look manual is clear that says not to put numbers in the variables, Example this is incorrect x1 - Y1. Correct Xpulso --- Yenciende, in this way in all the mics work well.

You also have to secure the ports of the micro as I see that the ld uploaded are not polished
Tue Jun 25 2019, 05:22:22, download attachment Button,nombre.ld
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