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Resume / Consulting

I am not looking for work, contract or otherwise.

My GPL'd software (SketchFlat, LDmicro) may be available under different licenses, or with small customizations; contact me for details.

This is my resumé: [pdf]

Two examples of my work are below:

This is the controller for a pet tag engraver. The board runs three stepper motors on an X/Y/Z table, with chopper constant-current drive. It also provides a graphical user interface, using a QVGA LCD and a standard PS/2 keyboard. The large LQFP at the top left is a Sharp Bluestreak (ARM7TDMI) microprocessor. I wrote the operating system and control software in C for arm-elf-gcc. I initially developed the software in a simulator under Windows. This allowed my client to evaluate the user interface before we had working hardware.

This is a base station for 802.15.4. (802.15.4 is the wireless communications standard that forms the physical layer for Zigbee.) The base station relays data over Ethernet, using TCP/IP; it can also be powered over Ethernet, per 802.3af. The radio and interface components are visible at the bottom left, near the antenna. The Ethernet PHY is at the middle right. The bulky component with a silver metal case is a power transformer; I am using this as part of a flyback converter, for isolation from the power-over-Ethernet supply. I designed this while employed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.