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A USB driver and bootloader for the AT91SAM Atmel ARM chips. This looks like a generic HID device, so no kernel-mode Windows or Linux driver is required. I have included a sample `application' for the bootrom to load, and linker scripts and makefiles to build for this part using arm-elf-gcc.

A tool for generating paper templates to make rectangular logarithmic horns.

Math routines (16-bit signed multiply and divide) for any Microchip PIC16 processor.

A toy switchmode power supply, with all-digital control (using an ATtiny micro with a fast PWM peripheral and a software control loop); includes pictures.

Another on-screen ruler (executable, source). I use this to do terrible things like scaling off a PDF. It works in either pixels or arbitrary scaled units. You can constrain the way that the points move, in order to transfer measurements and do other things that you might do with a straightedge and dividers.

Clipforce (executable, source), a tool to force whatever's on the clipboard to plain text. When I copy some text in a modern application (web browser, spreadsheet, etc.), I also copy its formatting. This means that when I paste that text in to some other document, I paste the formatting as well.

I typically don't want this; I just want the text. This tool solves my problem. Whenever Clipforce is running, any formatted text that is copied to the clipboard will automatically be converted to plain text.

And other trivia.

Jun 2007, Cambridge