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LDmicro Forum - LD MIcro for Linux

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LD MIcro for Linux (by Ranjan)
Is there a version available for linux OS?
Tue Jan 25 2011, 03:17:39
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
There is not. Last I checked, it runs correctly under WINE; so a Linux port doesn't seem very urgent.
Tue Jan 25 2011, 03:21:43
(no subject) (by Olivier Quirion)
i think there is some software to simulate a windows under linux, it should work with that
Thu Jan 27 2011, 08:17:55
(no subject) (by Z.T.)
On linux you can install WINE. LDmicro works fine on WINE.
Mon Feb 28 2011, 13:50:37
lcd micro work (by inzar)
yes, ld micro work using wine.

if you want to use LD micro in win xp, just install virtual box with guest edition. I use AVR ISP MKII usb to upload program to microcontroller and using AVR studio Software to take hex file after compile using LD micro.
Wed Jul 20 2011, 01:53:23
(no subject) (by Ranjan)
Thanks for everybody, It's working fine under wine.
Wed Sep 14 2011, 03:02:38
ldmicro linux (by Josť Francisco Estevam)
como instalar no ubuntu 16.04.
Wed Mar 14 2018, 18:17:21
(no subject) (by Tom J)
I run it on Mint, which is Ubuntu based. Install Wine and then just right click and tell it to open under wine.

It should run on wine on any platform, it's pretty light.
Wed Mar 14 2018, 18:27:18
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi)
Tom J, can you please send me your email address at [email protected] I need to ask you something. Thanks!
Thu Nov 28 2019, 21:40:33
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
It's better to ask questions here, that way others can find the answers later.....
Here's some useful information:
I run Linux Mint with whatever version of Wine Synaptic pulls down for me.
There's some ugly stuff with fonts happening but it never bothered me enough to try to fix it in wineconfig.
For some reason LDMicro compiles things less efficiently in Linux resulting in a larger HEX file so I usually reboot into Windows to compile, which isn't a problem for me since my minipro programmer runs in Windows anyway.
IF I can one day get my programmer to run in Linux I will run LDMicro from a terminal and try to see what's happening in the compile but that's honestly not a priority since my other programmer, a host of other machine specific configuration and programming tools, and my favorite USB oscilloscope all run out of windows.

As much as I loathe windows, I accept the necessary evil. Hope this helps.
Sat Nov 30 2019, 02:43:10
LDMicro v2.3 compiled for Linux (by Samukelo Shezi)
Thu Mar 25 2021, 10:29:30
(no subject) (by Tom J.)
Nice! I'll have to see if there's something decent to use my minipro in Linux.
Sat Mar 27 2021, 11:12:28
(no subject) (by Samukelo Shezi)
Pickit2 is also supported by linux. Here is a rather well documentented guideline for Ubuntu (or Linux Mint), should you be interested.

Sat Mar 27 2021, 23:20:12
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