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LDmicro Forum - i2c lcd

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i2c lcd (by Mayo)

hi Jose ,

Can a sample i2c lcd 20x4 be found? Which also works in hardware.my target Atmega328.

Sun Mar 6 2022, 22:57:43
(no subject) (by José)
Hi Mayo

I2C Lcd 20x4 work exactly as 16x2.
You'll just have to modify the values in the library "LcdI2cLib.c" (I'll tell you how).

You must also determine the I2C address of your display (generally 0x20 or 0x27) and set it in the library "I2CLib.c"

But before, if you want I2C to work, you need to install Ldmicro32 v5.5 and the AvrGcc compiler from Github:


Here's attached a sample ld file for I2C 16x2 lcd.
I have tested it with my Atmega328 and it works.

Let me know if you need help.

Mon Mar 7 2022, 03:48:40, download attachment test328_i2c_lcd16x2_0x27.ld
(no subject) (by Mayo)
hi Jose ,

The file is being compiled and a hex file is being created but is not running on the LCD on the hardware.

Tue Mar 8 2022, 08:11:43
(no subject) (by José)
Hi Mayo

Which version of ldmicro are you using ? It's important.
It's written in Help -> About at the bottom.

Did you modify the libraries ?

Tue Mar 8 2022, 12:52:13
(no subject) (by Mehmet Murat)
Bu örnek ve diğer yaptığım çalışmalarda da (i2c_lcd16x2_0x27.ld)
kayıt yaptığımda hex dosyasına dönüşmüyor.
bu konuda yardım ederseniz sevinirim.
atmega 228 28p model
Tue Jun 14 2022, 16:05:20
(no subject) (by Mehmet Murat)

In this example and my other work (i2c_lcd16x2_0x27.ld)
when i record my recording does not convert to hex files.
I would be glad if you could help me with this.
atmega 328 28p model
Tue Jun 14 2022, 16:12:59
(no subject) (by José)

I'll try to help, but I have no time these days...

Fri Jun 17 2022, 02:36:12
(no subject) (by Mehmet Murat)
I would be very grateful if you could help me.
Sat Jun 18 2022, 16:53:23, download attachment Sunu1.pdf
(no subject) (by Alex)
with this new ldmicro would it be possible to use decimal numbers and more accurate pwm for future versions?
Sun Jun 19 2022, 16:59:15
(no subject) (by José)
Hi Mehmet

I have had a quick look at your pdf view.

1) Do never use directory or file names with special characters or spaces

2) You must modify in the .bat file the variable that indicates the location of your AVRGCC compiler
Please read attached "HowTo-AVR.txt" for more explainations (I suppose you use ldmicro32)

Mon Jun 20 2022, 03:06:03, download attachment HowTo-AVR.txt
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