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LDmicro Forum - About I2C in ldmicro

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About I2C in ldmicro (by José)
I have received this notification from biatel1,via Github:

I found little bit more general problem.
Up to version I2C works on ATMega 328, Atmega 8 etc. with small issue that it works on 28-pin, and not on 32-pin.
But starting from version up to the newest it stopped and claims there is no SDA/SCL pin in these AVR.
Looking at source --> folder LDmicro-\ldmicro\Tests --> example "test-i2c-lcd16x2.ld" opens correctly with version but not any above this version.
So something bad happened above that small AVRs lost I2C capability.

I have warned yet about some untested modifications in earlier versions of ldmicro that have broken I2C...
May Ihor have a look at it ?

Mon May 31 2021, 13:55:41
(no subject) (by Toni)
The same thing happens to me.

Tue Jun 1 2021, 01:48:53
(no subject) (by Paulino)
Probar con la versión de fransua, 32-5.a
esta adjunta en RAR
Tue Jun 1 2021, 10:04:09, download attachment @LdMicro32-5.4a.zip
(no subject) (by Toni)
Thanks Paulino
Tue Jun 1 2021, 10:36:01
(no subject) (by José)

if you improve problems with I2C in ldmicro you can use my fork version ldmicro32 available on github and kindly provided by Paulino.
If nothing is done about it in the official branch, I will probably have to create a new release of ldmicro32 in a near future.

Tue Jun 1 2021, 15:42:29
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