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LDmicro Forum - Atmega 328_32pin Not support

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Atmega 328_32pin Not support (by Agoes)
hello I used to use atmega328p_32pin as in arduino nano, but there is no option on ldmicro, can you add atmega 328p_32 pin to ldmicro ...?
Sun Sep 1 2019, 10:40:57
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
ATmega328 is an option looking for sponsorship.

We who use LDmicro for sometimes commercial work need to sponsor tools we want.
Sun Sep 1 2019, 18:06:00
(no subject) (by Agoes)
pinout atmega 8/48/88/128/328 is the same, I set the MCU on ldmicro to choose atmega8_32pin. can it function if uploaded to atmega 328_32pin ..?
Sun Sep 1 2019, 22:14:46
(no subject) (by Ziggy)
No,, different registers.

You can compile a ladder for ATmega328 DIP package and then ignore pin numbering.

Stick to pin function labeling say port name pin name and then wire up 328 32 pin accordingly.

Because the DIP package does not offer ADC 6 and 7 functions Your program will work on the 32 pin package minus these two pins.
Wed Sep 18 2019, 05:17:38
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