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LDmicro Forum - osc_interno para ATMEGA328 for Paulino

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osc_interno para ATMEGA328 for Paulino (by Ziggy)
Hello Paulino,
I took the liberty of starting a new thread since the question is a bit off topic in the original thread.

I pretty much use ATMEGA328 exclusively.
I use Atmel studio to program the hex file into the processor.
In Studio as a part of programing interface the various fuse settings are made availble to the user.
On of those screens shows clock choices and allows the user to directly select clock source.
Quite straight forward.

Just a note I use studio four as it is the least cumbersome.
Wed Jul 10 2019, 20:44:29
pora Ziggy (by paulino)
(por Ziggy, ante todo gracias Por tu libertad como comentas,
yo utilizo LDMicro para hacer el programa y el .hex lo cargo al micro-procesador por un cargador XgproII, te adjunto pantalla de los fuses,

(for Ziggy, first of all thank you For your freedom as you comment,
I use LDMicro to make the program and the .hex charges it to the microprocessor for a XgproII loader, I attached the screen of the fuses,
Thu Jul 11 2019, 06:09:44, download attachment Sin título.jpg
(no subject) (by paulino)
Pero real mente mi pregunta que quisiera era hacerlo por programa.
te adjunto programa de ejemplo para pic 16f887

But really my question I would like to do it by program.
I attached sample program for pic 16f887
Thu Jul 11 2019, 06:22:41, download attachment oscilador interno para pic.ld
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