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LDmicro Forum - DIY Barrier controller with PIC16F628 MCU_pictures

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DIY Barrier controller with PIC16F628 MCU_pictures (by M. Javed)
Hi Friends,

I missed to attached the pictures of my DIY PIC16F628 MCU base Mini PLC running LDmicro Ladder logic.

Please suggest for the PCB design for the same.

Wed May 22 2019, 07:22:52, download attachment PIC_PLC_1.jpg
(no subject) (by Calubert)
Your problem is that you repeat the output Y0_PMP_Rly, and can not be repeated only once, change by internal R and both relays you change the variable name, you attached ladder so you see how to make your failure.
Mon Jun 10 2019, 09:20:56, download attachment saverprogramar.ld
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